Coastal Pet Circle T Oak Tanned Leather Spiked Dog Collar – 5/8″ x 14″ (Black)


Get a collar as tough as your dog with the Circle T® Oak Tanned Leather Spiked Dog Collar. This handcrafted collar is made with full-grain leather for unmatched strength and durability. Its rich color is derived from a tanning process using tree bark, ensuring authentic leather character. Plus, the leather maintains its rich natural coloring and beauty even through rough wear. For an edgier look, the collar features traditional silver spikes. Spikes are rounded to ensure safety with use.

  • Handcrafted with durable, full-grain leather.
  • Tanned using oak tree bark for rich coloring.
  • Silver spikes offer an edgy look.
  • Maintains rich coloring and natural beauty over time.
  • Extremely strong leather ensures long-lasting use.





Ideal for everyday use.

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